The Adventure Begins In Paris

Day 1 – October 12, 2018.  This was fly to Paris, France day.  We hardly slept, packed a million different ways, and laughed excitedly all night.  We can’t believe we are leaving the United States and heading to Paris.  This was intended to be a “once in a lifetime adventure.”  We were full of all sorts of ideas about what we would see and how much fun we would have.  We were not prepared for the adventure that lay ahead.

We got on that plane and away we went.  Now it should be noted that this is a 14 hour flight and we both smoke cigarettes.  This is important to remember because if you smoke and then cannot for 14 hours you are about to die for a cigarette when you land.

The flight was long, overnight, the pilot won a race or something because we arrived an hour earlier then expected and have no way to get in apartment.  For whatever reason we find this funny and can’t stop laughing.  This is where the adventure begins.

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