Paris -Day 1. We Have Arrived!

October 13, 2018.  The plane arrived an hour early in Paris.  As I write that it still doesn’t make sense!  Did the pilot speed?  Who knew that was even possible.  We exit the plane and, OMG, get our first stamp in our passport books, and collect our luggage.  So, it is now 5:30 am and we are hailing a taxi to our apartment a whole  2 hours ahead of schedule.  All we want is a cold Coca-Cola and a freaking lighter.  It has been 14 hours since we last smoked a cigarette and we are in deadly territory of needing one before we freak out.

The taxi just passed up where we need to be.  How did I, a foreigner in a strange country know where we were going and yet the French taxi driver didn’t?  (This is still a mystery!). We turn around, in the middle of the street, and head back to where we need to be.  After getting out the cab and collecting our luggage we run (like really run) into the little market that just opened, find Cokes and at the counter are pointing and begging for the 4 pack of Bic lighters.  At the register was this gorgeous man, all smiles, looking at us like we are crazy.  Damn that man is fine.  We manage to pay for our lighters and Coke products and dash out the door, suitcase in tow, and dig for cigs and light one.  It was absolutely wonderful!

Then we look around and see these beautiful buildings and then this gorgeous, handsome, sexy as all get up, MAN walks out the store and starts trying to talk to us when low and behold gorgeous, sexy as all get up, MAN from the register walks out.  Kim and I exchange looks that clearly said “ooh-my-God, look at these beautiful creatures, can I keep one?  There are two of them!”  One is tall, built, a French God in my opinion and the other is not as tall, built just right, could be an underwear model here in the States,  and totally keepable.  Considering we know zero French we were thrilled to know the underwear model (let’s call him J) spoke English pretty well; the French God (let’s call him K) not so well.  We chit chatted with J and K and admired their fine bodies for an hour and a half before we could get up to our apartment which incidentally is above their store.

As the sun comes up and it becomes daylight we are able to get up to our room on the 11th floor and as we walk in we see the magnificent Eiffel Tower.  What an amazing view, it’s just over a few rooftops away and it’s stunning.  Words cannot express how breathtaking that sight was.  We immediately go onto the terrace, sit at the table, and casually smoke our 10th cig of the morning.  Ok, maybe not 10th but we did chain smoke a few while waiting downstairs.

After absorbing the view we looked at each other and said “did you see that fine man down there” and we fell out laughing.  Kim said which one, J and I was like, no, K!  And we died laughing again.  (The kind of laughing you do with your whole body, tears running, holding stomachs, slightly pee our pants kind of laughing.)  While laughing we agreed that our two french lovers were downstairs (this making us laugh even harder) and I said, well I want K for sure and she said she wanted J.  We decided then that those two gorgeous man cakes were going to be ours.  Paris is awesome!!!

After we unpack we decided to go down to the market and get some snacks.  We didn’t need snacks we just wanted to see those fine men again.  We admired, picked up a few things, and went back upstairs.

After a much needed nap we wake up to discover it’s dusk and the Eiffel Tower is all lit up and spectacular.  Just when it couldn’t get better it sparkled, like diamonds.  We will never forget that sight.  We went for a walk to view our surroundings but didn’t really do anything else as we were still so tired from the flight so we each showered and called it a night.

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